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It Started With The Witch's Spell

by Joanna Hurley


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Eight-year-old Zoey loves adventures and princesses. She and her mother have read every princess story that they can find. Arthur hates princesses; he loves dinosaurs. He’s not sure about adventures. He is all boy, or is he?

It’s summer in Zoey’s new town. She has no friends yet. She finds she has a lot of time but nothing to do. Zoey’s new next-door neighbor, Mrs. Gianopolopolous, Mrs. G to her friends, helps with both problems.

Soon, with the help of Mrs. G, Zoey meets Arthur and the two of them find themselves in the middle of a well-known princess story. There, Zoey and Arthur meet a princess with a terrifying problem. But, with equal parts courage and kindness, and by listening to everyone, Zoey proves that kids can have amazing adventures and solve big problems too.

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