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The Unimagined Awakening: My Journey from Spiritually-Starved Workaholic to Connecting to All That Is (The New I AM Movement)

by Janie Jurkovich


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In The Unimagined Awakening, Janie Jurkovich shares her personal journey from being a "completely ordinary, sleep-deprived workaholic businesswoman, wife, and mother" to experiencing a profound spiritual awakening.

This transformation was unexpected for a woman who never meditated and had no previous interest in spirituality!

Janie recounts her personal experiences, including moments when she felt she was receiving spiritual insights and guidance.

Your Soul Journey Can Begin Here

If you have ever thought that spirituality was only for nonconformists and free spirits… If you have felt that there has to be something more but didn't know what… If you have wondered how to become more spiritually connected…

The Unimagined Awakening offers Janie's story to illustrate that anyone can embark on their own spiritual journey.

“I am sharing my story to show that anyone can explore their spirituality. You don't have to be a guru, monk, or expert meditator to seek deeper connections and insights. I am an ordinary person, often considered naive, and I believe that personal transformation is accessible to everyone.”

Janie J - Soul Connector Founder of the New I AM Movement

What People Are Saying About The Unimagined Awakening:

"When I read The Unimagined Awakening, I felt a connection with someone who truly understood. Ordinary people having extraordinary experiences." ~ Pat. B Ordinary Person

"A magical journey of inspiration and human perseverance, told from the heart. Janie shares in a way that moves the soul. A definite must-read." ~ JB Owen Founder and CEO of Ignite

“Janie’s message comes from a place of personal experience. If you want to explore your own spiritual journey, read every word!” ~ Yoram Baltinester The Personal Development Samurai, International Best-Selling Author

“Janie offers wisdom on recognizing and learning from life's subtle lessons. This book can help you tune into the guidance available to all of us.” ~ Rusti L Lehay Book Coach/Empathic Editor, International Best-Selling Author

“Janie reminds us that we can access deeper truths by reaching peaceful states and allowing ourselves to be open to intuition. Her book is a wonderful contribution to collective consciousness.” ~ Benjamin Ivanowski Author, RN, Hawk Medicine Healer

"Charming and succinct, The Unimagined Awakening is a wonderful guide to exploring your soul's journey." ~ Gary D. Salyer, Ph.D. Author of "Safe to Love Again"