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Engage: How to stop living in default and start living the life you desire!

by Mel Leow


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If you’ve had sleepless nights thinking “there must be more to life than this”, then this book is for you. We often live our lives from past experiences and expectations of loved ones, living a lie that does not belong to us. ENGAGE is your personal guide to radically transform you and build a life that energizes you. Mel Leow serves up 12 easy-reading chapters filled with powerful stories, questions, and everyday wisdom to help you: • Identify your life vision • Find your reason for living and being • Uncover and reframe your gremlins (self-limiting beliefs) • Explore your brave outcomes and future goals • Discover what fuels and drains you • Ignite your thoughts, inner emotions, and actions forward • Create a legacy to impact your world Get ready to tear down the status quo, push your boundaries and align with your true values and beliefs. Wake up, ENGAGE your journey, and live the life you deserve!
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