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The Game Changer: Inspirational Stories That Changed Lives

by Iman Aghay,Dr. Cat Shrier,Dr. Cheryl BryantBruce,Dr. Jane Cheng,Joia Jitahidi,Jyothsna Muppalla,Kirkland Jones,Lee Atherton,Malcolm Grissom,Monique McDonald,Nicki Chang-Powless,Petra Contrada,Zynul D. Khan,Catherine Napoli-Cohen,Denise Thompson,Janelle Anderson,Jenn Eastwood,Maria Matoudakis,Mireya Alicia Cortéz,Paul R. Palmer,Yvonne Larson


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This is the sixth of The Game Changer Book Series, inspired by Iman Aghay. This series is a collection of behind-the-scenes stories – stories that most people never realize have laid the foundation for a successful business or company. These stories are personal, connected to the author's heart, and many of them are being shared for the first time with you, our reader. In reading this collection, you will resonate with this old adage: "Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about! Be kind, always..."
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