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Shattered Lust: A steamy romance novel (Slutty Sammy Book 1)

by Alexandra Rose


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Alexandra Rose's debut romance novel Shattered Lust will leave you aching for more.

"I absolutely enjoyed reading this book and would love to read more of Sammy's adventures. I feel invested in the characters and want to know what comes next. Shattered Lust artfully combines plot elements to create a full story of love and heartbreak." - Emma James, editor.

This steamy erotic romance begins the journey of Sammy Summers and her budding relationship with a sexy stranger, Angus. Through uncertainty and setbacks, Sammy perseveres to pursue what is important to her.

Will Sammy get her love story?


Samantha Summers has it all figured out in her life. She's got a steady job, she's working on a podcast, and seems perfectly content with the way things are going for her. Along comes Angus. Dark, secretive, and ready to pull at her heart strings. Angus leads her to explore passion in a way she's never felt it before. Can Sammy keep her heart from shattering as romance enters her life?


Shattered Lust is an adult romance novel that focuses on the romantic relationship between consenting adults. CONTENT WARNING: this book contains descriptive scenes and is meant for mature audiences only.