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Queens In Sand Castles

by Tracy Tully


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The QUEENS Book Series was inspired by the role that women have engaged in within their business organisations, the world over. This outstanding title symbolises a woman’s life in business, twisting and turning like the ebb and flow of water, smooth at one moment and treacherous the next. Each chapter shares a business Queen’s story of how they circumnavigated rocky storms in life, steering through the turbulence that caused chaos and turmoil. Through the author’s words as they share the strategies, they used to achieve the calm in their business and lives. Queens in Sand Castles was created as a collaboration. A Co-Author book to encourage and motivate those women in the lonely life of business as they navigate their journeys as a captain of their ships. This book is designed to stimulate those is positions of value adding to others; the CEO, coach, consultant, entrepreneur or agent. Your Queen’s Priority Pledge: “I’m committed to improving myself by leveraging fear to build resilience.”
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