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Rising from Unsustainable: Replacing Automobiles and Rockets

by JP Sweeney


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Writing is mix between a speech and a conversation. The book is written more as a conversation, except I’m doing all the talking. It would be great to ask questions and find a way to get responses from all the readers: discovery comes through exploration. A question mark is a pause for a solution. Often, for the questions posed; the reader knows the answer. As the writer, I honestly have to admit it’s a bit unfair, like hoarding the conversation; so, feel free to comment, it’s intended to be a conversation, there’s intimacy with first person, however, this is an extremely serious subject because it has to do with effecting so many people’s lives. In saying this, the best doctors have a great bedside manner; having the ability to instill trust with their patients. You can find me and join the conversation: your voice is heard at the
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