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How to Sell Your Home Now: For the Best Price Possible

by Mark Fields


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When you face any major decision in your life, you need to be prepared. Selling your home is both significant and consequential. There’s a large amount of money at stake. Wouldn’t it be great if your closest friend happened to be a real estate expert who could walk you through the process and give you the inside track on everything pertaining to the sale of your home? You’d have a confidant who wouldn’t be spinning information for their own benefit.

Allow me to be that confidant for you. I am an expert in real estate, here to make sure you are making the best decisions as you sell your home. Most of what I recommend in this book is not taught in real estate school.

My goal is to empower you, the seller, with knowledge, tools, and techniques that will ensure you get the best price for your home and sell it in the shortest time possible. I will guide you in what to do and what not to do to improve the value and appeal of your home to buyers, and I will teach you everything you need to know about marketing it. After reading this book, you will feel empowered and confident in navigating the successful sale of your home from start to finish‚ and I expect you’ll enjoy the experience!

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