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The Change Agents: Whispers in the Wind

by Sarah E. Lewis


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Nature cries for help as the climate changes. Will you heed its whispers in the wind?

Eliza fears for her sanity after being invited to join a life-or-death climate mission by an extraordinary collection of characters. Fearful and struggling with how she can juggle their mission with her demanding job as a local TV reporter, she accepts the challenge and begins an epic adventure.

Collaborating with these beings, including her previous canine companion, Bebop, to engage people more deeply in the climate fight, Eliza and her new-found friends form an unprecedented partnership uniting humans and nature in the desperate race to save their shared world from a changing climate.

There may not be a more important topic than how we turn back the tide of climate change and the effects it has on us and all the creatures on our planet. In The Change Agents: Whispers in The Wind, Sarah E. Lewis brings us on a fun journey with a cast of unlikely characters who are doing just that. Most books on the topic focus on explaining climate change and what it means to us. Sarah’s work goes far beyond this, engaging and inspiring us to become Change Agents ourselves. If you love animals or the environment, enjoy reading great fiction, and want to help fight climate change, this book is for you.

—Dr. Don McGrath, Author of Best-sellers 50 Athletes Over 50, Vertical Mind, and The Climb

Sarah Lewis has written more than a call to action to address the challenges of climate change. She has written a guide filled with moving exhortations. And while adults will enjoy reading The Change Agents: Whispers in the Wind, so too will young readers or both together, as we are all in this together, for that’s part of the message: we all must act together as we are all in this together. This book has a dream-like quality as it unites all living creatures similarly at risk by climate change working in harmony for the good and preservation of nature upon which we all depend. Lose yourself in Sarah’s world but take to heart her important message. Read, and act, now!

—Carl Howard, Environmental Lawyer (US EPA), and author of the Climate Change Blog (NY State Bar Association’s Environmental and Energy Law Section)