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Action Marketing: A new way of doing Inbound

by Ana Maria De la Guardia


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This is a beginner - intermediate book into the world of marketing, showing you the ropes, into a simpler, more straightforward way of doing your inbound marketing, making things a lot easier for you. Inbound Marketing can be hard work, creating all that content just to see if the customer will be interested in the company’s products in the future. I have taken the best parts of Inbound Marketing and combine them with others to create an improved way of doing Inbound Marketing where the results are immediate. No more waiting and seeing, with this book you will learn the tools you need to create content adapted to increasing sales opportunities NOW. With this book, you will learn: - How to adapt your website to get more sales leads. - How to write a proper content that helps you reach your goals. - How to communicate better with your customer. - How the entire Action Marketing ecosystem works and everything you need to start putting it to work for you. Put it to the test and see the results.