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The Laundromat

by Chuck Post


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The self-service laundry industry offers much more than just a sound investment; it is an American dream business. Laundry owners are everyday people fulfilling their greatest dreams. Regardless of what you do now or intend to do in your life, whether you are currently a blue-collar worker, a grocery clerk, a mechanic, retired or active military, an attorney, or an owner of other businesses, the laundry industry has a place for you. The diversity of the industry offers rewards for each investor, regardless of their background. For some, the business is operated simply as a "quarter factory", with the owners using a minimum of their time. But for those who grasp a better understanding and possess a hunger to maximize the benefits of laundry ownership, it is a challenging opportunity with rich rewards. Most laundries are independently owned and operated. However, there are indivisuals and families who own up to hundreds of them.

We will be answer the biggest questions about laundromat investing and identifying issues that only he most seasonsed laundry professionals understand. We are dedicated to sharing our education and experiences so that you too will have access to the secrets of this mystifying investment.

You are about to be guided along a path intended to lead you to a successful business; a future that is greater than you now realize.