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The Secrets of the Lymph: How your Health, Body, Business, Relationships, Wellbeing, Success, Consciousness, + Evolution are ruled by your Lymphatic System (The Lymph Doctor's Complete Health Guides)

by Ravi Aviana


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Everything you need to know about how the secret anatomy of the Lymphatic System rules your health, body, business, relationships, wellbeing, success, consciousness, and evolution! Here's what's inside: -How the secret anatomy of the Lymphatic System governs physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual, + sexual health -How the Lymphatic System connects to over 25 popular concepts in physics, metaphysics, and human behavior -Secrets of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (with before and after pictures) -The secret anatomy of pain, inflammation, disease, and addiction -The secret anatomy of fat, cellulite, and all signs of aging -The Lymphatic secrets of chakra health, consciousness, and evolution -The Lymphatic secrets of success in business, relationships, and life -The 28 Detox Protocol (with 7 mandala coloring pages) -AND SO MUCH MORE!