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Living with Dirty Glasses: How to Clean thos Dirty Glasses and Gain a Clearer Perspective Of Your Life

by Leah Spelt Ligia


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Do you find you are living on autopilot inching your way through the days yet you look in the mirror and see more time is flying past? Hiding? Anxious? Down? Numb?

What if everything you believed was a result of wearing dirty glasses? Glasses you’ve had on for so long that you never thought to question what you saw or the lens you were filtering your world through.

What if you could clean those glasses and start seeing a brighter and more inviting place where anything and everything could be possible?

Living with Dirty Glasses is a raw and inspirational story for people who feel stuck in their past story, who know there is so much more life to be lived. It's a book that will give you space to find healing and clarity by cleaning your glasses.

In Living with Dirty Glasses you’ll learn:
  • How to identify the parts of your past that are holding you back
  • Identify and challenge labels
  • Actionable strategies and techniques that will help you overcome self-doubt and make you feel more in control of your life
  • How to develop a support system and implement daily practices to help keep your glasses up to date and clean
  • Strategies to help you reframe your experience in a way that empowers you
But I’ve tried so many things already, nothing is working!
I hear you. That was the trap I was in for so many years. This is why I am sharing all this with you, in one convenient place.
Take a journey to clean up your glasses and debunk long-held beliefs that have been getting in the way of showing up as the person you want to be.

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