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Options Are Power: Career Strategies for High Performers Who Want a Life

by Donna Peters


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#1 International Bestseller in NINE categories in TWO Countries, including the US, and AU. Business Ethics, Development & Growth Economics, and Business Consulting in the US. Project Management, Job Hunting, Knowledge Capital, Total Quality Management, Women and Business, Vocational Guidance in AU. You’re a high performer who wants a career on your own terms. Maybe you’re exploring the next best step. Maybe you feel stuck. Maybe you want more. No matter where you are right now, you need options . When you have options, you’re in control. You make decisions from a position of strength. You run to something, not from something. Options Are Power provides strategies for surrounding yourself with options. You’ll learn to lead with a Me-Suite mindset, cultivating the role you want work to play in your life. You’ll create a life in which: With options, you’ll always have the right, not the obligation, to make a change. My life mission is to help career-driven, life-minded individuals surround themselves with options. Options are power. Let’s get in there.
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