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Losing Weight Without Losing Your Mind: The Missing Ingredient For Easier Weight Loss And A Happy, Healthy Body

by Tim Shurr


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UPGRADING UNCONSCIOUS BELIEFS IS THE KEY TO WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS! After facilitating over 10,000 HYPNOSIS weight loss coaching sessions with life-long dieters over the age of 50 who felt it was impossible to lose weight , it became obvious that telling you to eat broccoli is a waste of time! You already know what to do. You just can’t get yourself to do it (long-term.) The problem that’s not being addressed is that we have negative beliefs about ourselves from childhood stored in the unconscious mind that are preventing YOU from living in a healthy, happy body. If your mind is convinced you do not deserve love, peace, happiness, or that you are unsafe, your brain will sabotage any weight loss efforts. This might seem absurd, yet have you ever noticed the harder you try to lose weight, the more resistance you feel inside? You’ll suddenly have cravings for sugar, salt, or carbs that weren’t there before. Or you’ll want to eat everything in the kitchen from 8pm until you fall asleep? LIVE HEALTHY & HAPPY USING THE #1 OBA HYPNOSIS METHOD "Tim Shurr saved my life! Using his program, I lost 154 LBS and regained my confidence and joy for life. I've told many people about how wonderful hypnosis is and that it's the best way to improve your mindset and reach goals." Kathleen Dinsmore "Tim Shurr is the world's Top Hypnotist and my personal Hypnosis coach. His approach is effective, empowering, and inspiring! I've greatly benefitted from it and you will too!" Dr. Joe Vitale, bestselling author and star of The Secret
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