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Soulfluent® Leadership Business Guide: Amplify Your Message, Visibility and Profits by Leveraging Your Archetype

by Priscilla Stephan


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If you're a soulful, purpose-driven entrepreneur looking for tools to help you reach even greater heights, the Soulfluent® Leadership Business Guide is the resource you need to help you amplify your message, build your visibility and step into powerful leadership. As leaders, we're influenced by powerful archetypes that drive human nature. This book helps you identify your Soulfluent® Leadership Archetype, align with it instead of resisting it, and engage powerful energy that can help you succeed beyond your wildest dreams by embracing your natural leadership style and superpowers. With these fresh insights, you will flourish as you make bold moves, maximize your profits, grow your community and build a legacy that fulfills your soul's work - all without sacrificing your time, relationships or health.
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