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I Am Strong Enough Now God, Thanks: My Journey from Trauma to Truth

by Kate Shipp


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Kate Shipp's journey of recovery from Complex PTSD is one of courage, strength, and fierce faith. It is a story of perseverance, of humility, of humanity. The dance between worlds that she takes you through is like a flame that can only be seen in the dark. In order to understand the magnificence of light, one must become deeply intimate with the shadows of night.

Kate has an ability to explain the unseen world in an embodied way, and describe the many facets of being human as she walked through a treacherous land of trauma, finally revealing the Truths of her life that were intentionally buried beneath piles of shame and grief. These Truths became the new foundation upon which she built a joy-filled life.

This story is not for the faint of heart. It's edgy, sometimes triggering, and always real. It asks that you meet yourself over and over again with presence, compassion, and grace as you turn each page. Messages of hope and resilience are woven into each chapter that Kate shares so vulnerably.

Kate's story is in some ways everyone's story-a story of death and rebirth many times. The sharing of her journey combined with the tools and practices that helped her may, in fact, be the light you need to find the courage to embrace the shadows of your past with acceptance and love.