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Darkangel999: A Divine Instrument

by Nalinee Shante van Zyl

ASIN: B09W3Q21K3

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"Darkangel999." An agent of divine vengeance. Some would call her cold, brutal, fierce. Sent to draw out the corrupt, eradicate the filth. She was destruction personified but with a golden heart meant only to get results. Results that led to purity. Often misunderstood and feared but holding an attraction that no mortal could deny nor repel. When her spider's web was spun, you scrambled to become her prey, ignoring the danger of being eaten alive. Your only goal to be entwined by her limbs, craving her injection of poison. A serum that slowly enters your bloodstream. It brings you to life, a freedom you've never known possible. You lose control, walls down, defenses lost. You willingly dismiss them, wanting nothing standing between you and her. She spreads throughout you, overtaking your senses, caging your heart, your lungs filled only with her breath. You are now trapped. Symbiotic you've become, destined to grow together. Your journey begins...
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