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Starting Simple: Sales Compensation

by Christopher Goff


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Every organization reaches a crossroads—either grow or die. How are you preparing your organization for growth and more importantly sustainability? What actions are you taking to ensure your organization is prepared for the aggressive labor market and high demand for sales talent today?

This book is intended for startups and non-profits alike that are looking for growth through sales. As you embark on the surprisingly complex path to hiring your first salesperson, this book will give you clear guidance on how to effectively attract, motivative, and retain salespersons with an effective compensation plan.
You’ll learn:
  • The principles of successful sales compensation practices.
  • Practical and easy to understand guidance for hiring your first salesperson.
  • Step by step processes for establishing a sales incentive plan from scratch.
  • Foundational steps for implanting an incentive strategy that will grow along with your company.
While guidance provided within these pages is focused on small organizations, the basic principles can easily be applied to an organization of any size that is launching a new product, entering a new geography or market segment, or building out a brand-new division. Each and every step of growth requires a revisit to the basics of sales compensation in order for your organization to stay relevant and competitive.

Diving headlong into the hiring process without first addressing the issues outlined in this book can result in damage to your company culture, your employee morale, and your bottom-line. Take the time to follow these steps and you’ll have laid the groundwork for sustainable growth through sales in your organization.