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Business Selling Insights Vol. 2: Spotlights on Leading Business Intermediaries, Brokers, and M&A Advisors

by Donald Ray Wilson,Emily A. Herbert,Anthony John Rigney,Brian Jones,Hal Feder,Jeff Adam,Fritz Fowler,David Jacobs,Michael Wildeveld,Bill Kraemer


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If you’re considering selling your business today, you may have questions like… ...and more. “BUSINESS SELLING INSIGHTS Vol. 2” is an interview-style compilation of conversations with the Nation’s leading Business Intermediaries, Brokers, and M&A Advisors. Meet these experts and hear their insights while they bust common myths and misconceptions, thus eliminating fears commonly associated with selling a business. Featuring: Donald Ray Wilson Emily A. Herbert Anthony John Rigney Brian Jones Hal Feder Jeff Adam Fritz Fowler David Jacobs Michael Wildeveld Bill Kraemer
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