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Get Off the Shelf: Choose You First, You Have a Right to Be Happy

by Vicki L. Dobbs


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Have you lost the connection to your dream, identifying with what you do instead of who you are?

What lies hidden at the bottom of your heart?

Get Off the Shelf exemplifies how we, especially as women, set ourselves aside in service to everybody and everything else in our lives except ourselves. It is for women who are rockin' their worlds, until they realize they have lost themselves, buried in their busy lives.

Through Vicki Dobb's personal stories and metaphor, she shows you how you are not alone in your busy world, and that you can carve out time for yourself. Using a blend of ancient wisdom with modern modalities, art and creativity, you will discover that when you choose you first, you gift the world with the best of you, not just what is left of you.