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The Path to Your Career Purpose: Find and Live the Life of Fulfilling Work You Were Meant to Do

by Ashley Freeman


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You know deep down that you’re meant for more.

Is there a misalignment between the work you’re currently doing and work that excites you? If you’re not enjoying fulfilling and meaningful work, life is too short and precious not to go after it. There’s no time to waste! Now is your time to discover a life full of purposeful work with one of today’s premier coaches, Ashley Freeman. In this book, Ashley will help you:

• Debunk the myth that a dream job is only for people in the movies
• Illuminate the process for making a switch to fulfilling work, whether you’re just starting out, mid-career, or post-retirement
• Tackle the journey with practical, step-by-step guidance and coaching questions
• Conquer your fears, unlock what’s holding you back, and gain inspiration to ACT!