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The Heart-Centred Doctor: Lead Your Life with Self-Compassion and Love 2nd Edition

by Dr Olivia Ong


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The Heart-Centered Doctor is written by Dr Olivia Ong who is an established pain physician working in private and public practice in Australia, and a medical leadership coach and mentor helping busy, high achieving doctors avoid burnout and exhaustion, and achieve a balanced life through her Life Transformation for Doctors program.

This book has been written to address an urgent need that very few of the people who rely on doctors know anything about. That is that way too many doctors are walking on a knife’s edge in relation to their own health.

In the book Dr. Olivia shares her personal experience of burnout, and the principles, strategies, and heart-based tools that helped her to get through it. She also draws on what she found out through studying the fields of self-compassion and wellbeing, and through coaching her fellow medical peers.