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Desy's Diaries: Awakening to the Alternative

by Desiree Brown


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Three days after spending the holidays with family in rural central Oregon, Desiree Brown and her husband ventured off into the wild unknown world of full-time van life and YouTube vlogging. Leaving behind the corporate world, in addition to societal norms, in late 2018, they traveled more than two dozen states and beyond; awakening to deep desires all along the journey. From Moab, Utah to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Banff, Canada, internally seeking and processing life led to losing the masks she had been conditioned to wear, all she’d been told to be and to strive for. It led to finding a realistic way to stay on the road, running it down, chasing the dream. With writing and songwriting and other creative passions bursting to life, the couple started to live for the alternative in 2019.

Desy kept a journal that narrates their wanderings from the start, including the good, the unpleasant and the unknown with steadfast honesty. Want to know what it’s like to jump for your own aspirations, finding yourself awakening in the mid-route present moment, realizing all you were truly made for, for the first time ever? And, the real life fight that comes with chasing those dreams down with reckless abandon? This book is for you. Dreamers, dream on. Come see what it’s really like, the ride is soul stirring.