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Live Out Your List: Finding Joy Through A Bucket List Lifestyle

by Roger Williams,Ruth Zander


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95% of Americans will say they have a bucket list. Yet, only 40% will say that they have one written down and/or are intentionally crossing items off it. Live Out Your List was written to actively engage you in a bucket list lifestyle through first setting an intention (or the "Why") for their bucket list. This unique approach will help guide you in the creation of items that you put on their list and give purpose to how you cross them off. By focusing on this intention the goal is to move the bucket list lifestyle from merely being a to-do list to keep up with the Jones' or curating a social media presence full of images taken at honey pot destinations to one of meaning, consciousness and intentionality. This is where you can find lasting joy in your life through a bucket list lifestyle.

No matter where you are in your bucket list lifestyle journey, a beginner or seasoned pro, Live Out Your List will inspire and empower you. Through personal stories and strategies from Roger and guest of his show, The Crossing It Off Podcast, you will discover personal joy through living a bucket list lifestyle.

Inside you will find:
  • Roger's journey to becoming the Head Crosser Offer of his bucket list.
  • Bucket List Mindset: Uncover and set an intention for your bucket list through learning about eight benefits to a bucket list lifestyle.
  • Bucket List Creation: Successfully create your personal bucket list by reviewing eight pre-writing tips and responding to eleven engaging prompts.
  • Bucket List Management: Discover fifteen strategies to get you jump started to crossing items off your list.
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