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Cut the Shit: Reframe Your Thinking, Regain Your Life

by Becc Nelson,Sunny Dawn Johnston


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Reframe Your Thinking, Regain Your Life

There is a transformation that happens only after someone has come face to face with long-time patterns and self-sabotaging behaviors and are handed a tool for healing themselves, and it's powerful. This work goes much deeper than the standard relationship advice and invites you to delve deep into your own relationships and way of thinking. If you are ready to truly do this deep work and challenge yourself to grow, join those who have gone before you on this journey to regain your life!
Cut the Shit will help you…
  • Identify behaviors and interactions that leave you exhausted
  • Understand the main reason why many people return to bad habits
  • Gain control over unhealthy interactions with others
  • Finally stop asking yourself, “Am I being punished for something?”
  • Have relationships where you get back the energy in which you put into them
“Becc Nelson is just the person to write this book and bring forth this powerful life-changing and game-changing body of work. I know she will be a blessing to you as she is and has been for so many others. Get ready! Once she shows up in your world, you will see the possibilities available to you and the transformation that awaits you. As a Spiritual Coach and Advisor, she goes first, living her life as an example and leading the way.”
–Dr. Michelle Barr, author and mentor
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