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A Boy's Magic: The Journey Into A Boy's Life Changes

by Heather Hillenbrand


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A Boys Magicis an empowering approach to educating boys about their bodies. It helps parents open those tough conversations with symbolism, colorful images, and poetry that allow sons to gain a deeper understanding of what it is to be a boy.

This book assists parents in preparing sons for physical changes, teach about the first ejaculation as a rite of passage, inspire confidence about natural bodily development, and empower boys to feel magical.

Embracing and celebrating a boy's physical changes as a rite of passage imparts self-love, self-acceptance, and self-esteem during his formative years. These values build confidence, empowering and preparing boys at a young age to be ready for what's ahead!

This book answers many parents' questions, such as,
"But how do I tell him about the other stuff?" Teaching young boys about reproductive anatomy is far different from teaching them about the many other changes that occur. A Boy's Magic is packed with information that will help parents give a fresh perspective on sex education.
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