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Toxic!: The Big Bad Wolf is Not a Fairy Tale!

by Elizabeth Brown


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Are you in a TOXIC relationship or trying to recover from one?

Elizabeth waited fifty years to write a searing and honest account about her involvement with a
Big Bad Wolf, a man who sought to control her emotionally, spiritually, and psychically. Elizabeth shares insights drawn from myths and fairy tales to illustrate how mistrusting her perceptions and inner warnings led to folly.

Her book covers it all; from her difficult childhood to a mystical experience, her toxic relationship and subsequent trauma, and her long quest for inner healing. She writes with warmth and compassion about her experiences, occasionally injecting sly humour into the story. She wishes to encourage women who have been through similar experiences so that they, too can grow from survivor to thriver.

“What a courageous story of triumph. I could relate to times in my life when I betrayed my own sense of knowing and experienced deep despair from accepting someone else’s claims of what I should believe. Elizabeth’s book lets us know we are not alone in this experience and provides tools for forgiving ourselves and going on to live a full life.”
- Esther Hart, author of Journey to Personal Freedom and Giggle Factor, a Grownup Fairy Tale