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Treasures of the Soul: Unearthing God's Purpose For Your Life

by Maggir Bellevue


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The presentation of the main body of this book is based on a format that I conceptualized for ease of application of the principles which I consider fundamental to living a fulfilling life of purpose. I call that format The 7 'C's of Living In Purpose. In the order in which I present each of them as a chapter on its own, these are: Conceive, Confidence, Concentrate, Consistence, Commitment, Character and Celebration. Having made myself amenable to the divine assignment I was given to write a book that broadly discusses 'purpose' in as focused a manner as I could possibly make it, I still found myself burdened with the task of conceiving of a learning methodology which would render the entire text not just one that would occupy the average reader's leisure reading hours, but also one that would lend itself to an effective tool for the application of the knowledge provided in the book.
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