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Courage Rises: How to Create The Life You Want By Leaning In To Fear

by Suki Jeffreys,Susan Jeffreys


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Has fear ever gotten the best of you? Have you ever moved forward despite being afraid that you don’t know enough, don’t have enough money, don’t believe you have anything valuable to add to the universe? Fear is universal and it can keep you from creating the life you want, whether that is a greater sense of purpose, better relationships, more money or simply more joy. It can show up in crazy ways, like procrastinating, bingeing TV or video games, losing yourself in the rabbit hole of social media, or thinking your partner is dead (yep – that happened to me).

This book reveals some of my own stories and offers some techniques that can help you move through fear to courage so you can take big or small steps forward to create the life you really want and deserve.