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Paris Histories and Mysteries: How the City of Lights Changed the World

by John Frederick


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Who needs another book about Paris? You do!
Paris has been studied, written about, visited, loved, even adored for centuries, yet history still has questions:
  • What would have happened if the contract to demolish the Eiffel Tower had been enforced and Eiffel’s lease on the land revoked?
  • Who was the “Unknown Girl of the Seine” and how is she still saving people’s lives today?
  • Was Gaston Leroux’s Phantom of the Opera a Gothic thriller or an investigative journalist’s account of the truth?
  • And speaking of investigations, did Edgar Allan Poe—the man who invented the detective story—write the first one in Paris?
  • How did an obscure third century saint and martyr inspire a worldwide network of educational institutions?
  • How did death appear to people in the Middle Ages, and what happened in Paris to change our way of seeing death and dying?
  • Does the alchemist Nicolas Flamel still live and walk the Earth?
Come along and discover a mysterious Paris, one that is more than a tourist stop or a postcard photo-op, but a place where events large and small have altered the course of world history.
Go behind the scenes to discover
Paris Mysteries and Histories!

“John Frederick squires us around his beloved city of Paris in the great tradition of the American flâneur, ready to be amused, educated, or surprised by unexpected adventures on any street corner. If you are traveling to Paris, he will help you to see things from fresh angles, and lift the hem of histories and mysteries large and small. If you are going to travel in the mind from your easy chair, he’ll arouse your inner senses with sights and smells and amuse-bouches. This book is a delightful stroll through the Paris of the heart.”
— Robert Moss, Bestselling Author of
The Secret History of Dreaming