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Interceptors: The Untold Fight Against the Mexican Cartels

by Matthew Thomas,Katie Pavlich


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Interceptors is an exhilarating ride and front-row seat into the dangerous and harrowing work of law enforcement on America's southern border.

Author Matthew Thomas pulls back the curtain and takes the reader on a rarely seen, eye-witness journey.

Spanning over 29 years, Matthew's law enforcement career and immersive life in the Hispanic culture is an eye-opening, honest, and unprecedented look into the ruthless activities of dangerous cartel activity on our southern doorstep.

From patrol to undercover work with gangs and drugs, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) to an interdiction team created to thwart, disrupt, and dismantle cartel activities, Matthew has a unique first-hand perspective not covered by the media or found within the politically charged rhetoric of warring political parties.

Interceptors will keep readers on the edge of their seats in a page-turning, binge-worthy read about drug smuggling, human trafficking, and the unspeakable brutality of the Sinaloa cartel.

Buckle up; it's one hell of a ride!