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Sex, Self-Esteem & Sheer Stupidity: Surviving Your 20s and Beyond

by Tonya Pomerantz


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You are not alone if you are trying to figure out your place in the world. Join Tonya Pomerantz on her journey to helping others find meaning and purpose in their lives and how she finally found meaning in her own.

Part memoir, part guidebook, and friend, this book explores the heartbreak and challenges of being single, surrounded by couples, sabotaging relationships through low self-esteem, and the realities of aging in a society focused on youth.

Drawing on the author’s personal and professional experiences,
Sex, Self-Esteem & Sheer Stupidity shares:
  • Positive ways to get through the craziness of life
  • Strategies to feel better about yourself
  • Ways to figure out who and what you want to be
  • Tips on managing anxiety
  • How to live in alignment with your values
  • The role of gratitude and love in creating a joyful life
  • Challenges of middle age for women in a sexist and ageist world
Pick up a copy today and explore your own life purpose and life's journey. You will appreciate Tonya's candid manner and will relate as you turn the pages of this wonderful book.