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Golden Wisdom of Love Legends and Legacies (Guiding Grace Book 2)

by Sandy Rogers,Sharyn G. Jordan,Alicia Bravo,Andrea Brundage,Barbara Palmer,Betsy Brill,Brandon Adams,Brian Dygert,Cat Parenti,Charles Tom Brown,Chris G. Weisling,Cynthia Young,Florine Duffield,Ian Wells Hathcock,Irene Lucas,Jamie Clark,Joan Smith,Karen Malta,Kirk Fowler,Kirsten Elizabeth Jackson-Hathcock,Beaucher Lisa,Lynn Heins,Clark Maggie,Marlene Hoskins,Mary Kay Owen,Nicoleta Taylor,Norma-Jean Strickland,Patricia Breed,Patricia Holgate-Haney,Ron Baron,Sherri Ashton Smith,Suzanne Anderson,Travis Sutton,Viviane Chauvet,Thomas Baldrick


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Golden Wisdom of Love Legends, & Legacies

When sacred Storytellers collaborate on the power of Anthology, they unfold the eternal flame of Love, unveil the magic of Legend, and untether the secrets of Legacy. They each have every ‘Write’ to Stand in their Joy.

By Day: Alchemists. By Night: Visionaries
By Trade: Storytellers

Guiding Grace Series, Volume II Reveals Golden Wisdom at its Best.

As our Cowboy Writerly Brian Dygert said, “Tighten your girth; we are going to ride.”
Indeed, Saddle Up! These timeless Tales from Administrators, Advocates, Alchemists, Artists; Caregivers, CEO, Consultants; Designers, Directors, Dreamers; Masters, Miracle Workers, Muses; Painters, Programmers, Poets; Saints, Scholars,

Scribes will inspire you.

Plus, there is an elegant new section titled: An Homage to Published Authors.