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Business Leadership and Culture: A Motivating Guide to Work Culture in Your Company

by Jason Miller,Chris O'Byrne,Will Black,Teresa Huff,George Kiorpelidis,Patrick Laing,Artie Leonard,Andy McDowell,Soozy Miller,Mike Steward


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In this international bestselling book, you will discover deep insights and advice about workplace culture from twelve expert business owners.

Your company’s culture is an important part of attracting and retaining the most talented people.

Grow your company into a successful powerhouse by improving your business culture. Applying even one piece of advice from this book has the potential to skyrocket your business.

Here are the authors who share their expertise and experience with us:

Jason Miller
David Carter
Reggie Walker
Chris O’Byrne
Will Black
Teresa Huff
George Kiorpelidis
Patrick Laing
Artie Leonard
Andy McDowell
Soozy Miller
Mike Steward

Buy this book and start learning how to grow your business with a great company culture today.