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This Land Is Mine

by Mervyn Greville Hulse


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Mervyn Greville Hulse was born in 1905 in Belize which was known as British Honduras at the time.

British Honduras was a British Crown colony, and it was renamed Belize in 1973 after it gained its independence.

Mervyn lived his whole life in Belize and loved his home country, with its wild tropical jungles, pristine white beaches, coral islands and Mayan heritage. He was of British heritage whose ancestors had settled in Belize many generations previously.

He co-owned a family mahogany business, and the timber was exported to many parts of the world. This was prior to the strict regulations on the logging of mahogany to prevent it from becoming extinct.

He married his wife, Candida Vasquez, in 1935 and had 5 children, Aida, Mervyn, Heloise, Eleanor and Bruce.

Mervyn loved to speak and write and was active in the politics of his country.

He died in 1974 at the age of 69 of emphysema.