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Moe the Wooly Mammoth: Pre Reader Level 1

by Jenny Schreiber


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Looking to venture back in time? Join “Moe the Wooly Mammoth” on his wild journey through pre-historic times! With a furry face full of character and an appetite for adventure, let this shaggy explorer be your guide as you learn about these ancient animals and discover what life was like for these long-gone creatures.

Did you know some scientists are on a mission to resurrect some of Earth's long-lost creatures, like the majestic mammoth? Through de-extinction research, these incredible animals could once again roam our planet!

Featuring colorful illustrations, fun facts about mammoths' lives, plus simple language that kids can's sure to spark their curiosity while teaching them all they need to know about our woolly friends from way back when!

Get ready set go -you won't want to miss out on the adventures with Moe!

Pre-Reader Level 1