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The Constitutional Blunders of Pakistan: that led the nation to the verge of collapse

by Dr. Shekhar Bhaskar Borhade


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‘The Constitutional Blunders of Pakistan’ aims to provide a critical analysis of the constitutional upheavals of Pakistan as compared to India. The legal and constitutional histories of Pakistan and India are closely linked due to their shared past of British colonial rule and the simultaneous struggle for independence that culminated in the partition of the Indian subcontinent. Despite the similarities, the two countries have taken vastly different paths in terms of their constitutional development, with India establishing a stable democratic system and Pakistan struggling to maintain a functioning constitutional framework.
By examining the factors that have contributed to the differences in their constitutional frameworks, the book seeks to identify the challenges that Pakistan has faced in establishing a stable democratic system.
This book explores the possible reasons for the constitutional blunders that have led the nation to military coups, insufficient civil rights, imbalance of power, a lack of judicial independence, and its overall impact on Pakistani society. Additionally, it examines the ways in which the Pakistani government has responded to these issues and suggests possible solutions.