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The Color of Emotional Intelligence: Elevating Our Self and Social Awareness to Address Inequities

by Farah Harris


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It takes strength not to curse someone out when they’re being rude, or not to lose it when your child is being disobedient. It is also emotionally taxing to keep it all together when you are on the receiving end of a microaggression.

Each of these instances requires us to use our emotional intelligence (or EQ). And, while it is a basic skill, there are more shades to emotional intelligence than you might think. Emotional intelligence can also be used to break barriers to equity.

The Color of Emotional Intelligence, psychotherapist and well-being expert Farah Harris uses personal stories, anecdotes, and insight to discuss:
  • The fundamentals of emotional intelligence and barriers to practicing EQ effectively
  • How emotional intelligence is used as a survival skill by marginalized people
  • Different types of stressors, including microaggressions, and resulting unhealthy defensive tactics, such as code-switching and masking
  • Self-care strategies for handling systemic stressors that affect people from marginalized groups
  • Tools everyone can use to elevate their emotional intelligence to address inequities and become better stewards of humanity

Don’t go through life seeing things in black and white.
It’s time to see the world in color.