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Changing Perspectives from Morality to Faith: An Examination of Morality, Mitzvah, and Christianity

by Michael L. Burger


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Christian educators, whether in school, church settings, or at home, will benefit from Dr. Burger’s insightful, innovative exploration of current concepts of morals, mitzvah, and Christianity in context of what he has learned during his half-century as an educator. In the pages of this book, he introduces an uncommon (but not new) perspective of God’s commandments. With that as a background, he challenges those of us who are Christian adults to develop and manifest our faith in God's word and promises while living in a ‘broken’ culture. If we do that, we can influence youth around us to seek experiences that deepen their relationship with God. If we do not, our youth will think their only option is to become complicit with a dominant set of morals throughout their lives..