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GasLIT: Escaping the Narcissist's Pit

by Writeous Rhema


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GASLIT is a go-to book for escape from, recovery from, and prevention of narcissistic abuse. It contains personal and eyewitness examples to give you a peek into some of the insidious ways of this toxic relationship abuse. You will learn about such narcissistic strategies as gaslighting, love-bombing, boundary crossing, devaluation, future-faking, bread-crumbing, stonewalling, hoovering, discarding, their tendency to be very competitive, and their inability to be held accountable.

This book gives the details ranging from the red flags apparent early in the beginning all the way to the role you play in attracting and enabling narcissists. You will learn how early trauma sets you up for a lifetime of narcissistic abuse in various areas of your life such as family, friendships, dating, work, church, school, and even the world at large. In these pages, you will learn how to narcissist-proof your life by correcting such wrong beliefs about being “the nice guy” and by building up your self-esteem so that you will know that you are worthy of good treatment.

Use this book to help you climb out of the depths of the pit onto the plains of recovery before ascending to the peaks of a much higher quality of life.