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Punch The Elephant : How To Sell Anything To Anyone And Overcome Any Objection... Even If You're Bad At Sales (The Shortcut Series)

by Mike Koenigs


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Serial entrepreneur, business expert, and best-selling author Mike Keonigs has spent decades studying human psychology, motivation, business, and laguage, in order to crack the code on sales. The result: A sure-fire way to get people to not just buy from you, but want to buy from you (there's a big difference!).

Welcome to the Superpower Accelerator Lightning Close. This sales system is so straightforward and so simple, it will outperform any other "process," "framework," or "secret" being touted by the so-called sales gurus and experts... and now, it's in your hands!

If you're looking for a repeatable, scalable way to close sales of any size, the Superpower Accelerator Lightning Close is your answer. It's been used by thousands of people in hundreds of different industries to "punch the elephant" and make the sale (one client closed a deal worth $35 million within days of learning this method!).

This step-by-step guide will show you:
  • HOW most salespeople get things really wrong (and end up sinking the sale before they even open thir mouth)
  • HOW to create a compelling sales story that sets you up for success
  • The most common OBJECTIONS and how to overcome them
  • The FIVE QUESTIONS that determine the success of your close (skip any of them and you're in trouble)
  • The "Eels" who are likely to kill your deal- and how to head them off before they exert any influence
  • Ways to use AI to make your sales process EVEN MORE powerful
Inside, you'll find word-for-word scripts, your framework, and examples to get you started.

This is the only sales book you'll ever need!