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Powered by the Pivot: Secrets Revealed in My Journey Manifesting Peace, Love, and Gratitude

by Cheri Warcholak Lohrey


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Powered by the Pivot: Secrets Revealed in My Journey to Manifest Peace, Love & Gratitude is Cheri Warcholak Lohrey's raw, riveting, and heartfelt account of love, family, crushing challenges, and unbreakable courage. In it, Cheri Pauses to both mourn and celebrate her roots. She takes you on a heartbreaking ride from college student to hospital patient after being struck, along with her mom and sister, by a "metal beast" of an automobile at age eighteen. Decades later, she chooses to Breathe after nearly drowning in the dark days following her multiple sclerosis diagnosis.

Throughout Powered by the Pivot, Cheri lightens the heavy moments with her humor and gratitude for her many blessings. Her storytelling will spark memories of your own childhood. She believes in her powerful decision to "Never Give Up" and to share her challenges and Pivots as her life's mission continues to manifest.

Drive with the windows down, feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face; let go of the experiences that cause your heart to ache, those you can't control. Seek solitude as you delve into your own journey; live, take action, and envision your life - the one you choose. Cheri's determination is driven from both a literal and metaphorical ride. Find out how she is able to Pivot.