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Unraveling Ambition: Living and Leading from the Inside-Out

by Valia Glytsis


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Are you willing to question your ambition?

Do you have the courage to look at its bright and shadow sides - to assess if it even belongs to you?

This book is an invitation to allow your ambition to unravel…and return to the root of your power, peace, and purpose.

In a category well beyond traditional “self-help” or “personal leadership,”
Unraveling Ambition propels you into the inner workings of your inherited drive in order to reclaimwhat truly matters most to you in this life. The journey will take you through practical leadership insights, universally relatable first-generation stories, and deep existential and spiritual musings–all sprinkled with humor and heart.

For emerging and established leaders alike,
Unraveling Ambition offers a provocative and timely perspective on replacing assumptions and inherited rules with authenticity and personal freedom.