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Everyday Techniques to Overcome Anxiety: and Mental Health Struggles

by Ira Bowman,Janet Hogan,David Foster,Eric Rosen,Jim Lomot,Lisa Jones,Rick Loek,Shmiko Cole,Tim Bowman,Max Kayes


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Humans have emotions and at different points, we all struggle with them.

As I sat on my couch one night in May of 2023, I realized that my new exercise routine, walking daily, was helping me in an unexpected way. The walking was helping me clear my head, process my anxiety and help me reduce day-to-day stress. Never before had I considered walking as a way to reduce stress and relieve anxiety.

So the idea to put my technique out in a book to share with others who might benefit from the idea was born.

Shortly after, I realized my solution might not be the silver bullet for everyone, so I invited some of my friends to share tips and techniques that work for them. This book is full of those ideas for others to read and try.

This book is not intended to be a one-size fits all solution. The book is written in a non-clinical way on purpose.

The goal is simple, we want to share everyday solutions to everyday mental challenges.

You might not need all the tips and techniques in this book. Even more, it’s likely that these tips won’t work for everyone and that’s okay.

It is not intended to be an exhaustive medical journal, rather a handy reference guide to those seeking for something they can do to make a positive impact in their personal life.

Our lives are too short to suffer through anxiety, depression, and mental health issues, without the proper help and support we need. If you find a new tool that helps you in this book, we will have accomplished our goal.

If you need more help, please seek it so you can enjoy your time on earth.