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Explosive Business Growth Strategies: GANE Ontario

by Ira Bowman,Joel Phillips,Chuck Coxhead,Carol Putnam,Andrea Renee Rivera,Eric Rosen,Fritz Colinet,Rick Loek,Brad Smith,Shelby Jo Long


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Business growth doesn’t happen by accident. It starts with a vision, the development of a great plan, getting the team (both internal and external) on board, and then executing the plan, allowing for flexibility to bend as needed, when circumstances and momentum shift.

Explosive Business Growth Strategies: GANE Ontario is a compilation of 12 amazing entrepreneurs who share valuable insights across a breadth of topics, to help business professionals, business owners, and other entrepreneurs cut through the stagnation they might find themselves in. The goal of the book is simple yet profound, to help those seeking business growth, to achieve it quickly.

The book authors have a wide variety of professional experience that is shared to help any new or seasoned business professional break out of their slow or slumping sales growth. Topics covered in the book include marketing, sales, branding, communication, finances, health, goal setting, legacy, mindset, and more.

Another interesting difference between this book and most, is the authors have been selected to speak on stage at a live event, in Ontario, CA on Friday, November 3rd for GANE Ontario. Those in attendance will get a chance to meet all the speakers live throughout the day and even get their copy of the book autographed.

GANE stands for Growth Accelerator Networking Event and aspires to educate and inspire the audience of the live event and those who read the book, so they can experience more explosive business growth faster than if they were simply left to their own devices without the insight shared from the stage and the pages in the book.

GANE Ontario was created and hosted by Ira Bowman and Joel Phillips. Stay tuned for more GANE events around the USA in 2024 and beyond as there are many more stories to share, to the benefit of all who take the time to read the future editions.