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Clarity: Business Wisdom to Work Less and Achieve More

by Jim Vaselopulos


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Clarity can mean different things to different people. For some, it arrives in the form of an answer or a direction. For others, it’s understanding the context of a complex situation. For most, however, clarity evokes a calm and focused state of mind with lower stress and diminished anxiety over what to do next.

As satisfying as it is to help people find clarity with their business problems, it’s far more rewarding to teach someone how to find their own clarity. That’s the purpose of this book – to describe how people can find the clarity to help manage, grow, and lead their businesses to greater success.

Any executive, leader, or owner can benefit from greater clarity regarding their business. Let Clarity show you how you can:

  • Learn to quickly sift through distractions and address the real issues.
  • Identify the core problems affecting your business and impeding your success.
  • Develop the curiosity to destroy assumptions and find solutions.
  • Enhance your awareness of the emotions and context that lead us astray.
  • Improve your success with better sequencing, timing, and patience.
  • Create Conscious Competence around the most impactful parts of your business.
  • Develop your own Business Wisdom® to see the world clearly!


“In an era when business advice is often loud and insistent, this book is a refreshing change. Its quiet wisdom will help you see your professional challenges and opportunities more clearly and find a pathway to greater success and meaning.”
– Daniel H. Pink, #1 New York Times best-selling author of
To Sell is Human, Drive, and The Power of Regret

“Exceptionally relevant and as precisely focused on a leader’s greatest challenge as its ambitious title. Jim Vaselopulos’s
Clarity is a common-sense primer on the things business leaders face daily. Every story resonated brilliantly.”
– Stan McChrystal, Founder & CEO, McChrystal Group General, US Army (Ret)

"What sets visionary leaders apart from the rest of us?
Clarity. Jim Vaselopulos brings you on a captivating journey to unlock your power and influence so that people will be eager to join in bringing your great ideas to life.”
– Zoe Chance, author of
Influence Is Your Superpower

Clarity is the foundation that supports excellence at all levels of an organization. Jim Vaselopulos' book
Clarity includes wonderful depictions of how to serve your customers, engage your employees, and build true leadership within your organization.
– Horst Schulze, co-founder of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company