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Journey to Wholeness: Healing the Past, Embracing Change, and Learning to Let Go

by Sarah Moon


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Our thoughts and words are the architects of our reality. They have been interwoven into history, shaping not just ourselves but the world around us for centuries.

The universe has laws that are unbreakable, such as the law of gestation, polarity, gravity, time, forgiveness, gratitude, and many more. Many of us are unaware and go against them, fighting their principles instead of using them for our advantage.

People tend to re–act instead of taking a moment to think, change perspective and take action. One can stop feeding the argument by simply taking action instead of being enticed to keep on fighting.

Love and fear are the two emotions that rule the human body. Everything between is a derivative of the two. Love brings us freedom and joy. Fear takes us to regrets and unhappiness.

In Sarah Moon's book, Journey to Wholeness, you will embark on a journey of self-reflection and transformation. With exercises set at the end of each chapter, you can gain insight into your thoughts and feelings while building an empowering mindset, enabling you to help others in similar situations along their own journeys.

Make the most out of life; don't just exist, truly experience it! Every moment is a chance to create something amazing.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, QUIT surviving it!