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Glenna's Future (Come With Me Book 3)

by Joanne Austen Brown


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Glenna has played a crucial role in guiding her brothers toward
embracing their fae lineage and assisting them in finding their
soulmates. However, she faces the daunting task of alerting her
brother Duncan about some mysterious fae activities. To do
this, she embarks on a journey to the future and stumbles upon
a hidden fae. Who is this enigmatic figure, and what are his
intentions toward her brother or Rachael?
Sinclair is inexplicably drawn to the fiery-haired woman who
suddenly appears and captures his heart, but he grapples with
her reluctance to trust him. What steps can he take to
demonstrate that he is a friend rather than a foe?
As events unfold, does Glenna ultimately find her own chance
at true love, or do the fae have other plans in store