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Regression Healing II: Joe & Marilyn

by Wendy Rose Williams


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A Seattle area hypnotherapist turns to past-life regression therapy to resolve puzzling memories that predate her birth. However, when she realizes she is seeing the world from the point-of-view of Joe DiMaggio, she struggles to accept the famous ball player’s identity as well as the energy flow between them.

The hypnotherapist flounders trying to heal her experiences as the Yankee Clipper until a young woman struggling with overwhelming memories from the same timeline is referred to her for a past-life regression.

Her new client has significant recall from childhood of what appears to be her past life as Marilyn Monroe, including as Joe DiMaggio’s second wife. The hypnotherapist realizes she needs to step to the plate to help them both release the old energy.

This is a wonderful book to explore during Book Club. A discussion guide is included to get the conversation started.